VIP Security

Prior to traveling to any country, checking for possible security risks at your destination is of utmost importance. It may be in the form of political or social disorder, acts of criminality or terrorism, or medical emergencies. Whatever the reason, it is mandatory to have adequate services pre-arranged.

Secured vehicles

“24/7 Flight Support” can arrange fully equipped and secure vehicles with the latest surveillance technology to ensure your safety at all times during your travel.

Whether it’s a group or a carrier, we will arrange for highly trained and professional security staff to pick you up and escort you on your trip. After all, we work to provide you with complete peace of mind by minimizing or eradicating risks.

Crew & VIP Security

Security detail may be provided anywhere, at any time. “24/7 Flight Support”established relationships with reputable security agencies all over the world mean your safety is prioritized and assured whenever required.

Whether you are traveling with valuables or simply require a bodyguard, “24/7 Flight Support” can provide you, your executives and crew with security staff from top-rated security agencies.

Airport Security

Our full range of security services cover your safety before and after landing, as our security experts will be constantly monitoring incidents in and around your aircraft, and submitting reports in real-time.